Optional Coverage

* Liquor Liability – your business may be eligible for liquor liability coverage. Availability varies by state.
* Automobile

* Boiler & Machinery
* Employee Benefit Liability – provides coverage for financial losses relating to private employee benefit programs due to administrators' errors and omissions.
* Workers Compensation

Property Summary

* Building, Business, Personal Property & Inventory
* Business Interruption - Actual loss sustained 12    months
* Outdoor Signs – attached and unattached: $7,500
* Credit Card – charges un-collectible as a result of    an insured loss: $2,500
* Water Backup and Overflow – from sewers, drains  or sumps: $5,000

* Business Income is extended to include Power  Failure. A 24-hour deductible applies.

* Mechanical breakdown coverage
* Fine Arts
* Sign Coverage
* Coverage for computer equipment media, data programs and communications equipment
* Employee dishonesty and crime coverage

General Liability Summary

* Expanded Fire Damage Coverage – extended to apply not only as a result of fire, but also explosion, release of smoke from an unfriendly fire, or sprinkler leakage incidents.
* Tenants' Property Damage – coverage extends to premises you rent or temporarily occupy with permission of the owner.
* Liberalization Clause – if the commercial general liability coverage form is broadened to provide additional coverage with no additional premium, and the effective date of the change is during your policy period, your policy will automatically provide this additional coverage on the effective date of the revision.
* Additional Insured By Written Contract, Agreement or Permit – additional insureds are automatically included if the requirement for this status is a written arrangement.
* Extended Coverage for Newly Acquired Organizations – coverage is afforded until the end of the policy period, regardless of whether this time exceeds 90 days.

In today's highly competitive business environment you need every advantage to succeed. That's especially true when it comes to selecting your business insurance.  Smoke Shops, Cigar and Tobacco stores are unique and shouldn't be insured like other businesses. In order to meet these specific needs, AGI Commercial has created a special insurance package that broadens and increases coverage where your business need it most.  Our goal is to provide more coverage for your insurance dollar than any of our competitors.  

Our Preferred Smoke Shop & Tobacco Store insurance package program provides many forms of coverage that are not found in standard coverage forms. Additionally, the limits for many standard coverage parts have been increased substantially.

AGI Commercial